Monday, June 25, 2007

Street Team

We could make a couple packages with a few buttons, a few stickers, and 2 or 3 shirts. Send them to friends we know in various cities. Maybe send a package to Sudbury, one to North Bay, Ottawa ... wherever we know people.

They can spread the word for us, hand out stickers and buttons to friends they met at school, or partying.

All our stickers and buttons and FREE tshirts can have our website on them.

(I think we could put our website on promo shirts we give away, but keep it off the paid product) This also leads to getting an order of our logo in a plastisol transfer. Just a note on this, I have a funy shirt that has a logo and website on the back, up by the neck. It's really unobtrusive, and I don't really mind it.